Health Insurance Secrets Revealed

How to understand health insurance and choose the right plan for you and your family. Even if you are on an employer sponsored plan.

Health Insurance Secrets RevealedJam-packed with information to understand health insurance and know what you are purchasing, this 90-page book is illustrated and easy to read.

There is nothing worse than purchasing something only to find out that it is not what you wanted or needed and to make it worse, you cannot change without having a penalty assessed.

With the changes in the law regarding the Affordable Care Act, many people feel that they are being forced into a purchase of health insurance, while not being properly educated on what they are getting. Many simply pick the cheapest plan, only to find out that their doctor does not take their insurance or that they have to pay “everything” out of pocket. Additionally, they have nobody to answer questions or guide them to a better understanding.Cartoon of cyclist balancing health insurance options.

It is interesting that many people who have insurance through their employer still do not understand what they have in terms of their insurance.

  • They may not realize the doctor they have seen for years is not part of the network their employer has chosen for them.
  • They may not know the questions to ask when being referred to a specialist.
  • They may not know to ask questions about the hospital or facility they are being referred to so that they do not incur higher costs than necessary.

Most people do not realize that doctors and providers are there for the health of their patient and they do not necessarily know or care about the individual’s network or budget concerns. They simply want to make the person feel better. Unfortunately, once they have done their part, the patient will receive a bill a month later that may cause some shock.

Knowing your medical plan, what it covers, who it covers, and how you can make the most of what you have is key in making a sound decision regarding the plan that you choose and if it is worth the price that you will pay now or later.

Having been in corporate America for 20 years, now an insurance producer, and having helped over 1000 families with their insurance needs, I know the questions and concerns that every family asks every time. This is a quick read that will provide you with top quality advice in picking your plan and knowing how to use it.

Gladys Boutwell
Author, Health Insurance Secrets Revealed

Even as a health care professional, health insurance plans always confused me. But after learning Gladys’ secrets, tips, and simple questions to ask myself before choosing a plan, I am confident I chose a plan that best fits my family’s needs!

Willow Cook
Doctor of Pharmacy, Oregon

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