How to Compare Plans

Now that you’re in the middle of the Open Enrollment Period (OEP), you may ask yourself what to look for
when comparing plans. The website has a good article on this topic.

What to Look For & Questions to Ask

  1. The levels of coverage
  2. Your need for care and Rx
  3. Network of Providers

Some questions to ask yourself when looking at these three questions listed above:

  • How often do you go see a provider?
  • Do you have surgeries or procedures that you need to get done?
  • Do you need to have access to a specialist(s)?
  • Do you only need an annual physical and stop-loss in case of a catastrophic injury or illness?
  • What type of Rx do you take? Are they generic or specialty?
  • What network are your providers (doctors, physician’s assistants, chiropractor, labs, etc)
    contracted under?
  • Have you looked at the insurance carrier’s website to look for providers within the desired
    network or plan?

The main thing to remember about insurance:

Get the coverage beyond what you can personally afford.

If you can afford to pay $250 per doctor visit twice a year, then maybe a Bronze level plan is for you. If
you know that you’ll have surgery and need to reduce your overall cost, then maybe a gold level plan is
better for you.

For most, a Silver level plan is middle-of-the-road that provides affordable co-pays and still allows for a
slightly lesser amount to pay out of pocket in case of an emergency.

No matter what your needs are, seek out the advice of an insurance professional in your area that
understands the local market and will help you without added cost to you. Find a broker online or go to the federal exchange at for more information.

Learn how to compare plans at plans.

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